We are very proud of our company, our employees, and our product. Our experience and expertise is second-to-none. We are friendly  and funny, yet we take our work very seriously. We believe we offer our customers the best the industry has to offer.

Spycher Brothers has been processing California almonds since 1982. We expanded our operation in 1998 to meet the demand of larger almond crops. The processing plant was extended and modernized with the newest technology available. In 2015 Spycher Brothers constructed a world class Ready-to-Eat facility that includes dry roasting, flavoring, mixing and retail packaging of almonds and other nuts.

Spycher Brothers management team has many years of experience resulting in an aggressive company that combines state-of-the-art technical expertise and strong relationships with many of the state’s premier almond producers as well as worldwide customers.

Spycher Brothers markets all grades and sizes of California almonds. With extensive dry and cold storage, the company markets almonds year-round. As crop sizes continues to grow, Spycher Brothers has positioned itself to deliver a range of products from high volume industrial products to exacting confectionary grade for either ingredient or retail specifications making the company a preferred supplier for all customers, domestic and international.

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