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Spycher Brothers has established a comprehensive Food Defense Plan and Physical Security Program that in compliance with our registered status in the Homeland Security Agency. We have implemented security protocols for Raw Materials, Packaging Supplies, Equipment/tools, Hazardous Materials, storage containers, and transportation of finished goods. We have provided limited access to specific work areas, equipment and storage areas to authorized personnel. Implemented methods to assure no cross-contamination at critical points in the production process and ensured all entrances are controlled with sign-in/out stations for visitors, contractors and services providers.

At Spycher Brothers, we are prepared for the possibility of tampering and/or other malicious, criminal, or terrorist act. Food Defense training is provided for all employees at least annually. Management is taking an active role in monitoring by conducting visual checks on the facilities and grounds daily. Food Security and Physical Security have been added to the ongoing GMP Audits conducted by quality providers.

All threats or tampering  will be investigated by management . If a suspicious or intentional act is identified, product will be placed on hold, until a proper investigation is conducted and a resolution has been determined. If an employee, visitor, contractor, service provider or customer is identified as intentionally placing something onto the product, or tampering with the product, law enforcement may be contacted and action may be taken to the full extent of the law. Further investigation may be conducted through interviews and surveillance recordings.

Physical Security